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Sailing towards a sustainable future for the benefit of the climate and sailors

Battery (consumption)

Welcome the next generation of boat batteries, Undine’s powerful, cobalt-free lithium batteries. 

Thanks to the advanced technology, they last 4 times longer and have 5 times more energy than traditional lead-acid batteries on the market.

With batteries from Undine, you have enough power on board to keep your appliances on for days. You can safely have the light on, keep the food and drinks cold in the fridge, charge your phone and use the navigation at the same time.

Undine Battery

Sustainable sailing for all sailors

Undine develops and designs energy efficient electric propulsion (inboard motor) systems for all kinds of sailboats new and old.

The high-tech patented sail drive system is scalable and modular with different battery sizes. This makes the system suitable for all types of boats and needs, from racing to leisurely cruising with many days at sea. 



Customer Review

Undine is an exciting new company, with a great ambition to reduce CO2 emissions by replacing diesel engines with electric motors in yachts. Their solution is among the best on the market.

Jakob V. owner of large Undine battery in Jeanneau SO 409