Undine is this year’s first nominee for the Roskilde Business Award

Her overrækker prisens administrator, erhvervsdirektør Jesper Steen Christensen (tv) fra Danske Bank, diplomet til virksomhedens stiftere Anders Hovmøller og Michèle Holm

We are proud to share that we have been nominated for the Roskilde Business Award because Undine is putting Roskilde on the map, or perhaps more accurately, the sea chart. Roskilde Business Award is given to a company in Roskilde Municipality that has created growth and development in the local business community and contributes to […]

Erhvervshus Sjælland stopped by for a chat about sustainability and the future

The Vikings used technology, the sea and rivers to conquer vast parts of the world, and in Undine we are almost as ambitious – although much more peaceful😉 For us, it’s much more about saving the environment through more sustainable and electric sailing than conquering the oceans. On our sustainable journey, many professionals are helping […]

Podcast episode on being a green startup

We recently participated in Station’s Green Entrepreneurs podcast. Among other things, we talk about how the idea for the company was born in a harbor in Croatia…

Patent filed on our 2nd birthday

On Undine’s 2nd birthday, we have filed an EU patent application for our electric sail drive. It includes several features that we are excited to share, including; better manoeuvring in harbours and better regeneration of energy while sailing under sail. Read more about our journey towards electric sailing here.

Grant from the Alexander Foss Industry Foundation

We are pleased to announce that we have received a grant from the Alexander Foss Industry Foundation for our work towards sustainable sailing. Read the article on the website of Danish Industry here.