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New patented sail drive specially designed for electric motors

The high-tech patented system gives you better manoeuvrability, hydro-generation and long distances.

This makes the system suitable for all types of boats and needs, from racing to leisurely cruising with many days at sea.

Sail drive rendering, from the side.


New and improved maneuverability with the rotating sail drive, ensuring the boat can be steered easily and safely in port.


Sends energy back to the boat using our efficient charging function built into the sail drive.

Boat sailing in bay

Long distance

Efficient sailing drive, battery system and hydro-generation option allow you to sail much longer.

Harbour in the city, Denmark.

Scalable modular propulsion solution for electric sailing

Undine offers a complete electric propulsion system with a powerful electric motor, modular lithium batteries and unique patented sail drive that can generate power while you sail. Depending on boat type, weight, length and needs, the system can be scaled up or down.

Which boat do you have? How often are you out at sea and for how long at a time? How far would you like to sail and at what speed? Share your needs with us on the button below and we will send you a proposal.

10 reasons to choose Undine electric propulsion for your boat:

  1. No noise, exhaust, oil spill, vibration or odour
  2. Quick and easy charging with shore power
  3. Long range with up to 16 hours of sailing on a single charge
  4. Range of 300 nautical miles at 5 knots
  5. Up to 10 years of cobalt-free battery life
  6. No more starting hassle
  7. Zero maintenance and fewer service checks
  8. Best economy in the long term
  9. Good conscience towards the environment and climate
  10. Create your own energy with hydro-generation