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By sailors for sailors

We are Undine, a Danish company specialising in battery and electric motor systems. We have many years of experience in developing technology for the electric car segment, but as passionate sailors we want to ensure that everyone can sail sustainably in the future and that is why we have founded Undine – Sustainable sailing.

Since 2016, we have been testing electric sailing that efficiently uses the energy and recharges along the way, to get closer to the goal of achieving energy independence and ensure that there is always power on board.

Anders Hovmøller

Founder and owner of Undine A/S

We are on a mission

In a world of major climate change, it is time to act responsibly. It is time to ensure that future generations also have the opportunity to enjoy the sea as we have done and that wildlife does not suffer from the extreme noise we generate when transporting ourselves on water.

It is time to stop oil pollution of the sea and particle pollution of the air.

It’s time to stop the ocean acidification that co-2 emissions are causing and causing ecosystems to suffer, ecosystems that we deeply depend on.

The meaning behind Undine

An undine is a female elemental spirit believed to live in water; also called nymph or water nymph. They are described in the alchemical works of Paracelsus. The subject is treated in art, among other things, in the Melusine legend. Albert Lortzing has written an opera, Undine, Jean Anouilh a play, Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué a short story, E.T.A. Hoffmann an opera on the subject and H.C. Andersen a fairy tale, The Little Mermaid.

Source: Wikipedia

The vision

Many millions of sailboats fill the world’s oceans. Only a few are sustainable. It is our vision to make emission-free sailing available to everyone and put an end to pollution of the sea and air.

At Undine, we want to help ensure that future generations also get the opportunity to sail and experience all the joys of the sea. That is why we develop technologies that can help solve the climate changes and challenges we face. With renewable, green energy solutions, we will protect and preserve the great blue ocean.

We dream of greater sailing joy and less climate impact. We strive for maximum range and minimal maintenance. It must be safe, long-lasting and easy to choose a more efficient, sustainable and CO2-neutral alternative for sailing boats than fossil fuels.

Boat, Norway.
Boat with mountains in the background

The mission

At Undine we are on a mission. A mission where boat owners worldwide prefer sustainable, electric sailing over polluting fossil fuel engines.

For us, sustainable sailing means reliable electric motors and marine-safe, long-lasting lithium batteries that ensure the least possible impact on the environment and climate and the greatest possible sailing pleasure.

There must be an end to smell, noise, vibrations, fumes and emissions. It should be easy to manoeuvre and steer single-handed. That is why we develop complete electrical solutions for all kinds of sailboats. Systems that efficiently use the energy and recharge along the way with hydro-generation, and which can be remotely controlled intelligently with 100% digital solutions.

Core competencies

Undine is a Danish company specializing in battery and electric motor systems for sailboats. Since 2009, we have designed and developed powerful batteries – initially for electric cars and later consumer batteries for sailboats. 

Battery technology in general is developing rapidly, and since 2020 we have been working with Danish Technical University on electric sailing, which efficiently uses batteries and recharges en route using a patented sailing system. In addition to being experts in electric sailing and battery technology, we see it as our most important task to help sailboat owners find the right solution for their particular boat.

Environment and goals

Our mission is to put an end to oil pollution in the sea and particle pollution in the air caused by boats at sea.

We want propulsion to be CO2-free so that boats do not contribute to the ocean acidification that currently occurs due to boat CO2 emissions and which contributes to the destruction of marine life.

Propulsion must be silent so that wildlife is not stressed and thus changes diving patterns, migrates to new locations, or in the worst case dies due to extreme noise impact.

Our purpose is to make sustainable sailing accessible to everyone and therefore we support and work within the UN Sustainable Development Goals: 7, 8, 12, 13 and 14.