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The future of sailing is quiet, stable and does not pollute

With Undine’s patented electric solutions, you can sail 100% electric, manoeuvre in and out of port more easily, and sail up to 300 nautical miles at 5 knots on a calm day. In collaboration with DTU and Skovshoved Yacht Shipyard, Undine has developed an electric propulsion system that is scalable in size to fit all sailboats.

The benefits of investing in a complete system

Our electric motor is light, scalable and modular to fit every boat – and every power need. We offer self-developed complete electric propulsion systems with everything from electric motor and battery system to sail drive and folding propeller. The fact that it is an integrated solution that you are investing in means that all components have been specifically designed and developed to perform optimally together.

Dronephoto of boats in harbour. Anholt, Denmark.
Drone shot of boats in port at sunset. Anholt, Denmark.

Superior manoeuvrability with Undine's sail drive

Undine has specially designed the system’s sail drive, and as something completely unique, the drive can turn and thus significantly improve the boat’s manoeuvrability. With the patented sail drive, it is easy to both sail backwards and steer into port on your own. The sail drive is also silent and has fewer vibrations than classic sail drives.

Hydro-generation – charge while sailing

With hydro-generation in the electric propulsion system, you can generate power while sailing. This is done with the help of the propeller. If the propeller is active while sailing, you recharge the batteries. If you choose to sail with the propeller folded, you have the least possible resistance and the greatest possible aerodynamics.


Over the past few years, Undine has been testing electric sailing with efficient energy production along the way, in order to achieve energy independence and ensure that there is always power on board. With Undine’s unique sail drive that generates power for the batteries while you sail, the goal – self-sufficient CO2-neutral power – is in sight.

Undine's electric motor
silent and powerful

Undine’s reliable and powerful inboard electric motor is suitable for all sailboats, new and old. With a top speed of 8 Kn and a range of 150 nautical miles at 6 Kn, the motor is among the best on the market.

No maintenance and long lifespan and range

An electric motor is far less complicated than a diesel engine, which easily has over 2000 parts that wear and can break. Explained very simply, an electric motor is a screwdriver with wheels. With few wearing parts, an electric motor requires virtually no maintenance, and you can content yourself with a service check every five years. It is also a relief not to have to fill up the tank and have the filter and oil changed.

Motor rendering side view
Ava on boat, at sunset

Higher comfort with electric motor

Electric sailboats offer much greater sailing pleasure than sailboats with a diesel engine. With an electric motor, you get rid of the constant hum and vibration that comes from a diesel engine compartment. Finally, you can really enjoy the silence of the sea, even if you are sailing with a motor. As well as being noisy and polluting, diesel engines often have trouble starting – an electric engine starts every time.

Better for the environment

It goes without saying that sailing with an electric motor is more climate-friendly and better for the environment than sailing with a fuel engine. An electric motor has no emissions and emits no CO2 during sailing.

Klint, Denmark
Snow-covered landscape. Norway.

Batteries designed with safety, life and range in mind

With years of experience and extensive knowledge in advanced lithium battery technology, Undine manufactures safe, powerful and durable batteries for long electric motor trips. The batteries are energy and safety optimized and work both for propulsion and consumption.


Undine batteries withstand high humidity and salt water

More Energy

Our batteries have up to 8 times more energy and weigh 1/8 of regular batteries

Better for the Environment

Undine batteries are cobalt-free and we base them on iron phosphate

Control your boat intelligently and digitally

Keep track of everything from charging, usage, range to service and location using the Undine app. And be excited about the future, because with Undine’s electric propulsion system, your boat can be software-upgraded to 100% digital solutions with full control and monitoring.

Be future-proof with electric sailing

In the near future, the demand for electrically powered sailboats will increase. Partly because the joy of sailing is so much greater, but also because it is becoming a legal requirement in more and more places. The rules are continually being tightened to protect the climate and the environment. In Amsterdam, for example, the authorities have already decided to ban the use of diesel engines on the city’s canals from 2025.